Garden Skool

Let the land show us how to exist in it.

Garden Skool is a site for community skill sharing and knowledge exchange that highlights diverse earth work practices through hands-on creative process. Garden Skool is a discursive site that engages with the pedagogical potentiality of multiple narratives in relation to issues of land, food sovereignty and cultural preservation. Garden Skool events will be focused on the exchange of agricultural and plant medicine knowledge that is shared on this land. Artists and local participants will host a series of events including performances, discussions, gatherings and workshops that will cultivate a deeper understanding of the various land practices enacted on the local landscape.

All sites are embedded with existing relationships to pedagogy.  Often we learn from our surroundings and the people we encounter in them.  Either devalued or excluded from the models of institutionalized learning, many keepers of knowledge are rarely given the merit of institutionalized pedagogy.  The exclusion of their knowledge limits the accessibility we have to the skills that they embody. The Garden Skool, much like the others schools created by artist Golboo Amani, is an opportunity for people to share skills and know-how with the community in an inclusive way.  Accreditation is not necessary in these schools. Accessibility is a key component.  Both rich in cultural diversity and urban green space, Garden Skool hopes to provide local inhabitants with skills and knowledge required to cultivate food and plant medicine in the community. Community participants can come learn, teach and bare witness to the skills being shared through various activities and workshops.