UPCOMING – Gather in the Garden: Like Mycelium

August 13   (in event of rain Aug. 14, participants will be notified 12 hours prior)

Mycelium – fungi root network that sends nutrients and messages across the forest floor.

Its been several months and Garden Skool is flourishing. Reflecting on the past several workshops I have observed an expressed desire among many of the Garden Skool participants to gather local earth practitioners.  So here it is.

Gather in the Garden is a meet and greet for local plant nerds, herbalists, gardeners, plant spirit and earth workers to engage in free-form pedagogy through social engagement. The encounter is intended to intervene with existing power relations of knowledge production through critical negotiation and ephemeral exchange. Social encounters are ready-made sites for pedagogical exchange. Often underestimated, casual epistemic exchanges can have profound and transformative affects on our lives. By simply gathering together with the intention to share what we know we can fill our Garden Skool with a wealth of shared skills and understanding of the land we live on.

Limited spots available, RSVP gamani80@gmail.com to reserve your spot. Refreshments provided.

Acknowledging that many of us are marked by long, personal histories and prescribed relationships with pedagogy, Golboo Amani’s work often addresses the conditions of knowledge production that render epistemic violence as invisible, insignificant and benign. Much of their work focuses on interventions or alternatives to formal sites of pedagogy to include forms, contexts and content normally excluded from institutionalized knowledge production. By expanding sites of pedagogy to include the streets, our backyards, our homes, public transit etc., the artists intention is to highlight the potentiality of non-hierarchical pedagogical experiences that speak to collective agency and egalitarian epistemology. The impetus to experiment with the production of pedagogy is driven by their desire to create nonhierarchical spaces that speak to intersecting subjectivities, collective agency and self-determination in the formation of knowledge.